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Brush Lettering Self-Paced Online Course

Brush Lettering Self-Paced Online Course

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Learn the lost art of Brush Lettering. Create hand-crafted, unique lettering that cannot be replicated by a typeface or font. With Barbara and Carla’s guidance you’ll have the confidence to start on your own lettering journey.

This brush lettering course includes 12 lessons of fun and inspiring self-paced lessons, and 35 handy guidesheets to download and print. Each lesson has an accompanying HD video, showing you how to learn, practice and master each brush lettering technique. You have indefinite access to complete the course in your own time from anywhere in the world.

You will learn

  • What tools you’ll need, how to hold and care for your new best friend: the lettering brush
  • The foundational brush strokes needed to gain control of the brush that form the basis of letter construction: round, chisel and pointed
  • Casual styles and how to add your own personality
  • Beautiful script styles and finding your signature look
  • Building your repertoire of flourishes for ascenders, descenders and capital letters
  • Putting it all together to write your own words and quotes
  • Skills for you to practice and achieve your lettering goals, whether it’s for commercial projects or to simply embrace and enjoy your own creativity

Course format

PDF to print at home or read on a device, with links to full HD videos showing you how to practice and master each technique. Includes a shopping list for what you need to buy, and the option to buy a hand picked professional Sable lettering brush perfect for starting your lettering journey. Complete the course in your own time from anywhere in the world.

Your teachers

Carla Hackett and Barbara Enright have been running brush lettering workshops around the world since 2014. Barbara first studied show card and ticket writing in 1967 and hasn’t put down her brushes since. She has been a passionate lettering teacher throughout her career, was the first female president of the Sign Association of NSW, and ran a successful sign shop in Sydney for over two decades. Carla has been a professional letterer since 2013, creating lettering for a large range of clients out of her studio space in Melbourne. Together they have a relaxed and encouraging teaching style which will leave you feeling confident and inspired to practice.


  1. Getting started — Introduction to tools you need, and how to set up your space.
  2. Basic chisel strokes — Simple practice strokes that will start you off on controlling your brush and paint.
  3. Chisel style casual — Writing your first letters, and how to construct letters with pleasing proportions.
  4. Casual styles — The start of creating your own style, learning to understand how the brush can guide you.
  5. Round tip strokes — Learning a new brush shape, and how to carefully start and finish each stroke.
  6. Round tip styles — Putting the round tip strokes to use, and how to make your round tip letters chunky or elongated.
  7. Pointed brush strokes — How to achieve lovely thick and thin strokes, and maintaining a flowing effect by loosening up.
  8. Lower case script — Learning another brush shape, and how to create and join up a sequence of strokes to create beautiful flowing letterforms.
  9. Uppercase script — Capital letters of the alphabet can be a beautiful practice session. Learn the sequence of strokes, and pressure, to create uppercase script letterforms.
  10. Script styles — Adding excitement to your lettering with various script styles, and learning different techniques to achieve your own creative ambitions.
  11. Flourishing — How to add flair through the beauty of flourishing. Learn how ascenders and descenders can work together, and creative layout and design.
  12. Putting it all together — Bringing it together confidently to create a piece you can put on your wall.

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